AboutAll Star Orthodontics

At All Star Orthodontics, we strive to implement the safest and most effective practices when treating patients. Our advanced orthodontic technologies allow for enhanced comfort and efficiency when working inside patients’ mouths, which can help alleviate stress for the patient. Dr. Le has experience working with early, teen, and adult orthodontic patients, with proven methods that work. Being an orthodontic patient herself, Dr. Le understands the complexities patients face when dealing with orthodontic conditions and aims to provide her patients with the most advanced and efficient treatment possible.

The All Star Orthodontics office is vast with plush leather chairs to help children relax and remain calm during the appointment. We aim to treat each of our patients in a quick and timely manner while taking all of the necessary time to discuss the treatment plan and ensure understanding. We look forward to meeting every patient and standing alongside them throughout their smile journey.

Dr, Huong Le

Dr. Huong Le

Dr. Huong Le has dedicated the last 18 years of her life to perfecting smiles. She understands how important a smile is and how even the slightest shift can change someone’s life.

Prior to gaining extensive experience in the dental field, Dr. Le graduated summa cum laude from Oregon Health Sciences University School of Dentistry. After completing her time at OSHU, she practiced general dentistry for six years in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Le made her continued education a priority and spent a year investing in her education at the orthodontic department of the University of Florida’s School of Dentistry. She excelled during this program and upon completion, she received a fellowship certificate in orthodontics. Dr. Le didn’t stop there she pushed on and pursued her postgraduate residency in orthodontics at St. Barnabus Hospital in New York. Dr. Le’s experience as a general practitioner and the skills she has gained in orthodontics have resulted in her specializing in the interdisciplinary and customized individual treatment and planning approach.

What makes Dr. Huong Le so special is her experience and schooling but also that she understands her Patient’s concerns and needs. She has been an orthodontic patient herself she has the unique ability to put herself in her patients’ shoes. It is for these reasons that she is able to offer her patients the most advanced treatments medically possible and the comprehensive care that you and your family are looking for.