Reasons to Consider Clear Braces For Teens

Clear Braces For Teens Camas, WA

We all want our children to have straight, healthy teeth; clear braces for teens (or invisible braces) for teens are an excellent solution compared to traditional braces. Thankfully, modern dentistry has made major improvements in braces technology that makes them more effective and more comfortable, and invisible. Now there’s no longer a need to worry about braces with big metal wires and brackets that can be incredibly painful and uncomfortable. 

Reason #1: no metal mouth 

One of the things that most teens hate about braces is the look of that mouth full of metal. The wires and brackets and sometimes even headgear that go along with traditional braces make many teens feel awkward and uncomfortable and can be a real blow to their self-esteem. 

Invisible braces come in a couple of different forms, and both of them eliminate the metal look of traditional braces. Lingual braces, fixed to the back of the teeth, are virtually invisible because all of the wiring and bracket work is hidden behind the teeth instead of on the front. 

Clear tray aligners are another option that appears invisible, and they don’t require a lot of extra components to straighten teeth. That makes them a great option for teens that are worried about the look of their braces. 

Reason #2: less pain 

Another issue that can plague teens about traditional metal or even ceramic braces is that they can be painful and constantly require adjustments. This leads to unnecessary suffering and the inability to sometimes eat foods that they enjoy. This can make the entire experience intolerable. 

Invisible braces are much more tolerable on the teeth, and when using clear trays, they can be removed in an emergency much more easily than metal braces. The amount of time needed for traditional braces is typically longer as well. 

Reason #3: no changes to speech 

Some teens also experience a lisp or changes to how they speak when wearing traditional braces, which can be embarrassing and cause self-esteem issues. 

Clear braces for teens and aligners don’t interrupt the way a teen speaks, making it more comfortable to wear them around friends and in public. Making it easier for them to wear the braces without it impacting their day-to-day life is one of the main benefits of picking invisible braces over metal ones. 

Reason #4: no staining/color change 

Keeping braces clean and stain-free is another problem that teens have with traditional metal or ceramic braces. Over time they can become discolored and add to the already awkward look of wearing braces. There is the potential for food and drink to stain them, which makes the discoloration even worse. 

Invisible braces can be cleaned, and trays are switched out regularly enough that staining is generally not an issue that teens need to be concerned with. 

Clear braces for teens can treat most of the same issues as regular braces, and the added benefits make them an excellent choice for teens who feel uncomfortable wearing traditional braces. 

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