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Cosmetic orthodontics has expanded to cover a wide range of treatments intended to improve the appearance of a patient’s teeth, gums, or bite. Through cosmetic orthodontic treatments, patients have been able to restore the entirety of their mouths and the conditions that affect them. Customized treatment plans allow orthodontists to create a dental plan individualized for each patient. This plan can consist of all required dental work as well as cosmetic treatments that treat underlying conditions while enhancing appearance.

At All Star Orthodontics, we offer cosmetic orthodontic treatments for patients experiencing misaligned teeth and jaws, missing or spaced teeth, and other conditions affecting the appearance of their mouths. To learn more about a procedure or schedule an appointment, call 360-799-3466 today.

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What is Cosmetic Orthodontics?

Cosmetic dentistry refers to the treatment and restoration of oral appearance through the correction of misaligned, missing, and overly-spaced teeth. Cosmetic treatments are performed for both aesthetics and functionality. Restorations are done by replacing missing and damaged teeth and changing the size or shape of one's teeth.

As a subset of orthodontics, cosmetic orthodontic treatments often deal with teeth-straightening procedures that consequently enhance the appearance. A variety of appliances, such as braces and clear aligners, are some of the possible options available for cosmetic purposes. However, many cosmetic orthodontic treatments deal with dental conditions that affect both the appearance and functionality of the teeth, gums, bone, or jaw.

Types of Cosmetic Treatments

More candidates are qualifying for procedures as cosmetic orthodontics covers a wide variety of treatments for various different conditions. Upon thorough examination, we can determine the right treatment(s) for a patient’s case and facilitate their smile journey, from functionality to aesthetics, to help them achieve the smile they desire.

A few of the cosmetic treatments that we can perform are cosmetic tooth bonding and cosmetic orthodontic treatments. Cosmetic tooth bonding is a procedure in which tooth-colored materials are fused or bonded to the teeth. It is used to repair or improve the appearance of badly stained, broken, or chipped teeth. Cosmetic orthodontic treatments involve teeth-straightening appliances, such as braces and clear aligners, that treat malocclusions and misalignment issues. We offer Invisalign® treatment for varying ages along with traditional metal and ceramic braces.

Qualifications for Cosmetic Orthodontics

Cosmetic orthodontists help correct imperfections that affect appearance. Cosmetic dentists complete additional graduate training in cosmetics and orthodontists complete the same in orthodontics. Cosmetic orthodontists perform the majority of their treatments in cosmetics and integrate cosmetics into their orthodontic treatments.

As a cosmetic orthodontist, Dr. Le is qualified to perform cosmetic and orthodontic treatments. After an evaluation, patients receive a treatment plan that consists of procedures required for their case, duration of each treatment, and desired final results. The most concerning conditions are treated first, followed by aesthetic treatments.

Preparing for Cosmetic Treatment

On the first visit, we review and discuss the patient’s current oral health status, dental history, medical history, previous dental work, and desired outcome. We will take full X-rays and a digital scan that provides high-quality imaging of the deep tissues of the mouth. Diagnosis of problem areas, whether aesthetic or functional, allows us to determine the right treatment for a patient.

The following visit typically entails the application of an orthodontic appliance or initiation of prerequisite orthodontic treatments. Each patient’s treatment plan consists of frequent follow-up appointments in which we monitor their progress and assess any concerns they may have. Throughout treatment, we urge patients to maintain, or improve, their oral hygiene practices in order to keep their oral cavity healthy. We will discuss our recommendations for brushing, flossing, and general hygiene practices during orthodontic treatment.

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Cosmetic orthodontic treatments are available at our office. The All Star Orthodontics team looks forward to treating you and helping you achieve the smile you have always wanted. Call our office at 360-799-3466 to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic Orthodontics

What are the most common cosmetic orthodontic treatments?

The single most common cosmetic treatment is teeth-whitening or bleaching. Other common cosmetic treatments are enamel bonding, dental veneers, Invisalign® aligners, and enamel abrasion. Less common procedures include tooth reshaping and bonding.

How much does cosmetic orthodontic treatments cost?

Every cosmetic treatment has its own price as treatments vary from patient to patient depending on their case, condition, and duration of treatment. We take most insurances and have payment plans that can help you undergo the treatments you need. We advise talking to your insurance provider for a better understanding of your benefits prior to seeking treatment.

How long do cosmetic treatments take?

Cosmetic treatment times vary depending on their type and application method. Many cosmetic treatments can be completed on the first visit while others may take a few visits. The duration of treatment will be discussed during the initial consultation appointment.

Does cosmetic treatment help with overall oral health?

While cosmetic treatments aim at improving the appearance of the mouth and face, many of them also help restore the teeth, gums, and jaw. Most cosmetic treatments are done after completing prerequisite treatments that need attention. Therefore, they serve as protection against further damage, decay, and deterioration.

What are the benefits of cosmetic treatments?

Of the many benefits each treatment holds, the outlying feature of cosmetic orthodontics is enhanced appearance and confidence. They can preserve the teeth from further damage by blocking them from external influences. Most cosmetic treatments help patients maintain their oral health and hygiene.

How long do cosmetic orthodontic treatments last?

Every cosmetic treatment is different and will have its own lifespan. For example, dental implants last from 10 to 15 years while teeth-whitening treatments can last from 6 months to a year. The longevity of each treatment along with care practices for maintaining functionality are discussed during the consultation appointment.

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