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Two-Phase Treatment

What is Two-Phase Treatment?

This specialized technique combines tooth straightening and physical facial changes. This procedure is broken up to ensure that we maximize our opportunity to accomplish stable results that will remain throughout your child’s life. We strive to make this process healthy and functional to give your child the results you’re looking for.

How does Two-Phase Treatment work?

Before the treatment even begins we will take your orthodontic records and make a diagnosis and treatment plan. During the 1st phase we will use certain appliances to correct and realign your child’s jaw and teeth, the second phase will require your child to wear braces for at least 24 months and retainers thereafter.

Phase 1

Our goal during this phase is to aid your child’s jaw in accommodating all of their permanent teeth. During this process, we will also improve the way the upper and lower jaw fit together. Diagnosing your child early with any jaw problems or anomalies is important. Usually, children often exhibit early signs of these issues and it can be fixed with early orthodontic treatment. If your child is over the age of eight and has crowding around their front teeth, this treatment may also prevent them from having to extract permanent teeth as they grow up.

Resting Period

Before getting started with the 2nd phase we allow for the permanent teeth to be left alone as they erupt. No retainer will be given at this point, as it’s important to give existing permanent some freedom to move.

Phase 2

During this phase our plan of action is to ensure that each tooth is in a location that works in harmony with the other teeth, lips, cheeks, and tongue. Once we have established that the teeth with function together, we will move on with upper and lower braces.